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Books by Gordon Burnham


Inspirations & Meditations: 365 Daily Verses and Reflections

“Inspirations & Meditations,” offers a page for each day of the year. Each page has a short poem inspired by nature, Rumi, Hafiz, Emerson, Thoreau, Paramananda—and a reflection based on the great spiritual teachings of India and the world.

This book offers 365 inspiring daily verses and reflections on nature, spirit and beauty. Something higher to lift, to comfort and heal. On each page, a few lines of inspiration and a meditation/reflection that expands and brings it to fullness. The thoughts and ideas expressed in this book are often spiritual but not religious per se. There is nothing in these pages that is dogmatic or exclusive to any religion. The conversation here is all-inclusive and drawn primarily from the teachings and universal philosophy in ancient spiritual texts from India, the Vedas and the Upanishads. In the 1800’s Emerson, Thoreau, and since then a plethora of modern spiritual teachers, have assimilated these universal truths into their work for the great benefit of humankind. If this book serves its purpose, it will offer some small reflection of that truth, and you will catch a glimpse your own radiant being mirrored in its pages.



Meditation Tips ‘n Techniques: Simple Methods, Guides & Aids

A variety of simple meditation techniques are offered to help both novices and adepts move through obstacles and enhance their practice. The underlying philosophy of meditation is also explored and explained in simple, clear terms.

This book was written for all those who are drawn to meditation and especially for those who have met with difficulty maintaining their practice. Its purpose is to provide support, encouragement and inspiration for all who have embarked on the wonderful journey of meditation, and for all who are considering doing so. A variety of simple meditation techniques are offered to help both novices and adepts move through obstacles and enhance their practice. This book also addresses the questions of why we might want to meditate, what are the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits, and what might we expect at various stages of our practice. The underlying philosophy of meditation is also explored and explained in simple, clear terms.

This is a book you might want to read through or you might prefer to browse from time to time for what you need or what piques your interest.

“This practical an excellent source of wise counsel from someone who knows the path intimately himself.” ~ Stephan Bodian, Author, Meditation for Dummies



The Mystical Dance

The Mystical Dance is a book of one hundred and eight mystical, nature, and spiritual poems inspired by Rumi, Tagore, Paramananda, Hafiz, Thoreau and the great world spiritual teachings.

Many people have experiences in nature, or within themselves, which are often beyond what language seems adequate to express. Experiences of peace, reverence, awe, bliss, a sense of the presence of something larger than ourselves and all of humankind.

It is these experiences, that we might say are of a mystical nature, that have found some expression in the word forms in this book.

Although words can only point to or remind us of the fullness of these moments, hopefully there are some sign posts and reminders in the pages that follow.

"Gordon Burnham is a wonderful poet who is member of that select and rare group of poets which is able to successfully express the mystical beauty of nature in their poetry." ~ Cliff Johnson, Author, Inner Peace in a Busy World



Spirit of the Mountain: Spiritual Inspirations From The Grounds of Ananda Ashrama

The spiritual/nature poems in this book are the mingling of inspiration from the natural beauty of the grounds of the Ananda Ashramas and the universal spiritual philosophy of Vedanta upon which the ashramas are founded.

The selection of poems here is a compilation drawn from previously published books: The Mystical Dance, Whispers of Light and Something the River Says.

Being truly present with nature arouses within us our own true nature. Our wholeness and oneness with all that is begins to bubble up inside like a freshwater spring when we are just present with nature.

A crystalline moon in a star-strewn sky, an evening sky of robin’s egg blue and mother of pearl clouds suspended over the mountains, misty clouds drifting across the mountain peaks, softly, like the breath of God. Any of these alone is enough to open a wellspring of inspiration. But the natural settings in which these poems were written have been permeated with over a hundred years of a transcendent spiritual atmosphere. The presence of peace and a joy-filled grace are palpable.

If these poems awaken in the reader some small measure the mystic essence, healing, Light and sheer joy that abide here, they will have served well their intended purpose.


Something The River Says: Spiritual Awakening and Nature's Wisdom

Something The River Says: Spiritual Awakening and Nature's Wisdom

The poems in Something The River Says are inspired by and drawn from the philosophy of Vedanta and the words of John Muir, Emerson, Thoreau, Rumi, Hafiz, Tagore, Paramananda as well as other great poets and writers whose works reflect the mystical wonder and Divine nature of all creation. They are also the fruit of inspiration born of nature’s intelligence, beauty and transformative awakening power.

Nature speaks Her own language to a higher intelligence than the mind. She speaks directly to the still consciousness our thoughts emerge from. If we could hear that wisdom, we too would be still.

The thoughts expressed in these verses are the mingling of nature's silent eloquence and the perennial truth of the universal spiritual philosophy of Vedanta from India.

If there is something that resonates in these poems, it has not been constructed by the author, but rather, allowed to flow through like a river through a quiet wood.


Whispers of Light Poetry book

Whispers of Light

Whispers of Light is a book of one hundred and eight poems and aspires to poetry’s potential to lift, inspire and nourish the heart, mind and soul. Poetry, like a fragrant spring morning or a bolt of lightning in a summer sky, captures the mind and gives wings to our thoughts. Poems reach deep into hidden inner chambers to touch and heal. They pierce the cloud of unknowing to reveal the light of awakening, and they unveil the beauty that language can only point to.

Nature is the mystical wizard that will open our eyes to miracles if we but look and listen. Truth more astonishing than fairytales and fiction speaks silently and waits for an ear. A few words can sometimes move us to depths of inspiration. Yet, words themselves can only ever be but pale reflections of that which they would express. It is That which cannot be spoken that poetry must be inspired by and guide us to.

“Gordon Burnham is one of the best nature poets writing today. These latest poems of his are among his finest.”    ~ Cliff Johnson, Author of Inner Peace In a Busy World



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